Veilkini- A New Trend in Modest Fashion:

Veilkini- A New Trend in Modest Fashion:

We live in an age where freedom of expression, women's rights, and equality are some of the few most emphasized mottos. The twenty-first century allows youngsters to wear whatever they are fond of, without the risks of being judged for their choices. This open mindset has given birth to the modest fashion industry as well. Modest dressing adds more attitude and charisma to the attire, but these elegant dresses also add more power to the overall look.

While the number of modest clothes is increasing among various brands, there was little influence on modest swimming suits and accessories. Veilkini is a Jordan-based swimming clothing brand for modest women. This clothing brand is one of the most popularly recognized women's brands in the fair fashion industry. A wide range of materials and incredible fashion choices are available for all women. Most importantly, Veilkini provides various full-cover and moderately covered swimsuits to fit all customers' needs. So, let us dig into details about why Veilkini is the new trend in the modest fashion industry.

Why is Veilkini a new trend in modest fashion?

Targets an untapped market segment:

Modest fashion style has become a multi-billion business industry today. People from different religions, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds have opted for modest clothing as a fashion statement. Therefore, this market needed to be explored thoroughly in all aspects of clothing items. While a wide range of swimming suits are available in revealing clothing options, there are few options at hand for modest, fully, or moderately covered swimming suits. Veilkini has stepped into a new market with a reasonably high market segment, and the brand has added options and diversity to the modest swimsuit options for all women. Tapping an unsought market gave Veilkini the competitive edge to stand out among its competitors.

Wide range of clothes and accessories:

Veilkini does not only offer swimming suits; in fact, the brand has successfully launched sportswear, swimming accessories, and swimming innerwear to all modest women. Thus, the wide range caters to the needs of all women needing complete to moderate coverage. Furthermore, the fabric and design of each swimwear are mentioned on the website; Thus, the convenience of purchase and variety of choice allows more customers to try this modest brand.

Inclusive of all shapes and sizes:

One of the biggest problems of all times is the unavailability of clothing options for skinny or plus-sized women. Women often have to get their clothes tailored because of the lack of clothes and swimsuits that fit them best. Especially for swimwear, one needs to be completely comfortable before diving into the pool for a deep dive. Veilkini offers a multiple range option for women of all shapes and sizes. The website has a detailed size chart that can help you find the right choice for yourself. This inclusivity and variety add more worth to the brand name and equity.

Cultural and religious need:

There are more than 45 Muslim countries in the world. These Islamic regions include women who are most inclined towards wearing modest clothes. Moreover, many Jew women are also careful of wearing less-skin revealing garments. Irrespective of the religion, it will not be wrong to say that many women today wear modest clothes because of their cultural and social boundaries. Therefore, fair clothing brands are needed today to serve these cultural and religious needs of fine women. Veilkini effectively contributes to the masses by providing them with an all-in-one solution to swimsuit wear and accessories.

Unique is trendy:

Unique is the new trendy. Veilkini provides a decent yet edgy range of swimsuit options to all women for their unique choices. The high-quality fabric, exclusive designs, affordable price, and superior water resistance make all the products from Veilkini perfectly unique and trendy.

Woman in Black Long Sleeve Shirt Wearing Yellow Hijab

Contributes to women empowerment:

Last but not least, Veilkini is doing something for the empowerment of women around the world. Empowering women is not merely through protests and marches. Giving women a voice to choose clothes they are comfortable in also positively contributes to the empowerment of modest women around the globe.

To sum it up, Veilkini has successfully provided multiple swimwear options for modest fashion. The flourishing fair clothing industry looks forward to diverse brands like Veilkini. So get yourself your favorite modest outfit today and create a fashion statement of your own. 

Posted by Aliza Zulfiqar on 18th Aug 2021

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