Veilkini Care

Veilkini Care

Veilkini on 24th Aug 2020

Our Swimwear Fabric Was design to last using High Quality Fabric Made by Kyra with very special treatment Like the water repellent and Chlorine resistant .

To Keep your veilkini Fresh and look like new ,please follow the following care instruction:

1 Rinse your Veilkini in cold water after each wear. Even in a pinch, a rinse is better than nothing. It serves to wash away harmful chemicals such as chlorine, oils, and even bacteria before it can embed deeper into the fabric. You can even take it into a cold shower

2 Hand wash your Veilkini. Electric machines are easy, but even a gentle cycle uses heat and tumbling. This will wear out the material, causing a loss of integrity, shape, padding, and delicate embellishments.

3 Treat stains directly with spot cleaner. Alternatively, use baking soda for two hours before washing or with vinegar by soaking the swimwear in one part white vinegar to three parts water for 30 minutes. This can also be used before wear to prevent color bleeding.

4 Gently squeeze out the water. Like washing, machine drying is too rough for fragile swimwear and will ruin the shape. Instead, roll up the swimsuit to coax out most of the water.

5 Lay the swimsuit out to dry. Do this in a shaded and well-ventilated area. This prevents water from pooling and stretching fibers. It also reduces wrinkles and creases.


-Not Like any other burkini in the market-