How do you choose a perfect Veilkini for this summer?

How do you choose a perfect Veilkini for this summer?

veilkini on 19th Feb 2020

How do you choose a perfect Veilkini for this summer?

Since the production of the first Veilkini in 2006 until today, Modesty swimsuits With its various names (Burkini, Poddy Kenny, Hijabkini, etc.) has been spread widely, opening the way for global companies to produce similar or simulated products for our products.

But the puzzling question is how do I choose the Perfect veilkini?

We'll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions here. We will try to answer the most important, and the debate is open to answering any future questions.

1)The Fabric:

Most swimsuit made of nylon or polyester blended with rubber(Spendex) , but there is a huge difference in specification and price between them, polyester petroleum blended with coal and some other material ,with a soft feel ,but very hot on the body, plus it is relatively heavy with water, but the nylon material Manufactured from from petroleum but with close specifications to silk, the fabric gives the body a cooler feeling and has no scent, produced from DEPOT as an alternative to silk ,the nylon fabric is five times more expensive than polyester.

Therefore, the product Based on real nylon should be priced at least five times more than the polyester.

2) Water resistance:

Special treatment materials are added to the fabric to become waterproof, and these additives may come out of the product after several uses so make sure that the product is not washed with detergent. Just have to wash it with water and hang it to dry, and there are some products that claim to resist water, but the Treatment may go through the first use, here we suggest you look for the customers ' opinion of the product.

3) Chlorine resistance:

The chlorine placed inside the swimming pools will dissolving the rubber material within the fabric and reduces the age of the product. Some companies, including Veilkini, have added chlorine protection materials that increase the age of the product for more than 200 hours, so be sure that this feature are added to the product, these materials are manufactured by major Brand (Creora ,lycra ,..) ,You should see a card that illustrates this feature.

The Veilkini using (Creora Highclo)

4) UV Resistance:

UV are harmful to the body at various times depending on the country or time. The polyester are resistant to UV without adding treated materials on the fabric, while nylon needs to add these materials, and here you must make sure that the treatment has been added to this fabric , it is difficult for the consumer to find out because of the cheating.

We only recommend buying from reputable trusted companies.

5) Size Chart or Measurements:

Some companies produce swimsuits in several forms, including what is narrow and which is wide on the body, so make sure that the measurements are for the body and not the product.

And do not assume that your size of the dress is the same with all Brands.

6) Price:

Does the cheap price mean a defective product? Is the higher prices mean an excellent product?

The answer is no, you may buy Dress from a known company for less than the half of the price in case of discounting or liquidation.

But the price cannot be unduly high. Specifications, form and design are all factors in determining the price of the product, here we first recommend shopping through Retail stores offering the product (if available in your country) or the search through social media platforms and read reviews about the products.

Some Brand may offer some products at a low price to liquidate products from previous years or produce excess market needs.

7) Design:

After the Veilkini global spread it has become natural to see a Veilkini on the Resort or swimming pools.

It is therefore imperative for competing companies to move from the stage of solving the problem of veiled swimming in any way and regardless of how to keep up with fashion to the competition stage by offering up-to-date Trendy products with high technical specifications.

We advise you especially this summer to choose the right one for you at all levels and we wish you a pleasant summer!

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